Mokomoko Mokoretto (Japanese Toilet Candy)


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Japan’s fun candy craze is here! Mokomoko Mokoretto, better known as Japanese Toilet Candy, allows you to build and decorate your toilet and make fizzing and foaming candy inside of it! Using this popular candy toilet kit, you can create soda and strawberry flavored candy drinks!


Here’s a quick How-To Guide:

  1. Build toilet and decorate to your choosing.
  2. Open the tank of the toilet and put the entire envelope of candy powder inside. Make sure the powder goes to the bottom.
  3. Fill the tank lid twice with water and add it to the tank.
  4. Wait a while the water activates the sour candy powder, it will become foamy and fizzy in the toilet bowl. You may use the straw to agitate the mixture, making it fizz faster.
  5. Place your straw in the toilet bowl and enjoy this fun candy!