Dubble Bubble Gumballs – Machine Size Refill – 20oz Carton


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Enjoy the same great gumballs you see in the vending machines in your home! These Dubble Bubble Gumballs are about 15mm or .6 inch and fits in most home gumball machines. The 20 oz. carton comes filled with 8 assorted colors and flavors: Red/Cherry, Yellow/Banana, Purple/Grape, Pink/Strawberry, White/Pineapple, Blue/Blueberry, Orange/Orange, and Green/Lemon Lime. Eat them separate or combine a few colors for your own custom flavor! Dubble Bubble gumballs are packed into a “milk” carton container, perfect for easy pouring into your machine. You can refold to close and save any extra for later.

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