Grandpa Joe’s isn’t just a candy store, it’s an experience!

Grandpa Joe’s is filled wall to wall (to ceiling!) with every candy you can imagine, as well as hundreds of glass bottle soda pops and novelty gift items. Need a gift for someone who’s difficult to buy for? Look no further than Grandpa Joe’s!

We’re a locally-owned Candy Shop, born in Pittsburgh. We’re grateful for all the support we receive from our hometown. We show our gratitude by making sure every single customer who walks through our doors receives the absolute best customer service.

Our passionate and knowledgeable staff is made up entirely of candy experts/historians/lovers, so when you come looking for “that one candy you used to get as a child,” we guarantee we’ll figure it out (or die trying).

Home of the $5 WORLD FAMOUS Candy Buffet.

Let’s be honest…buying candy by the pound is the worst. No matter how careful you are, you end up spending WAY more than you meant to.
With our $5 box, the only surprise is how much candy you’re able to get into that box!
We don’t care how much it weighs, what or how much you’re able to cram in there – if the lids closes, it’s only $5.00!
With over 100 candies to choose from, it’s no surprise that the World Famous $5 Candy Buffet is our most popular attraction.

Fun Grandpa Joe’s Facts:

  • Grandpa Joe’s is home to over 250 candy bars and over 100 bulk candies
  • Grandpa Joe’s is filled-to-the-brim with a grand total of 15,000 pounds of candy
  • Grandpa Joe’s carries 225 flavors of old-fashioned glass-bottled soda. Every flavor from Birch Beer and Sarsaparilla to Ginger Beer and Bacon Soda!!
  • Grandpa Joe’s not only delivers unmatched candy selection, but we carry the most unique and hilarious gifts that are sure to win YOU the “best gift-giver of the year” award
We’re not kidding – our variety, value, and service makes Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop an experience like no other. Whether you’re shopping our incredible selection online, or taking in the vast expanse of awesomeness that is one of our stores, we’re sure that you’ll want to keep coming back again and again.