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Orange Honey Sticks


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Our honey sticks are filled with all natural honey, giving you a healthy snack or the perfect addition to your tea. The easy to open pop-top seal lets you enjoy a sweet treat anytime, anywhere! These honey sticks are available in a variety of flavors! The packaging is made from a special, environmentally safe resin that is completely recyclable, BPA free, and Kosher certified.

  • Each stick is approximately 6.7 inches in length and ¼ inch in width
  • Each stick contains 5 grams of US grade A Honey

How to Open:

Place the end of the honey stick between your front teeth with the end vertical and bite down to pop it open… exactly what you do when you eat a sunflower seed.


Place your thumb at the base of the seal and flip upward to pop the end open… like if you were flipping a coin!