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MONOPOLY Breaking Bad Edition Game


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The Chemistry of Fun

What does it take to turn your life around? When you keep running into a few bad spots, it takes a creative idea and just a bit of luck to see yourself around the corner and even earn a payday that’ll win you a second chance! Then again, sometimes you have to dip into help from the community, too. There is one thing that you have to be truly careful about, though. Make sure you don’t get caught doing anything questionable. (Those mysterious desert trips might draw some attention!) It won’t help your case if you end up going to jail! You know what? Maybe there’s another way…

Fun Details

Instead of facing all the drama and crisis of dealing with all the bad, try playing a game of Monopoly:¬†Breaking Bad¬†Edition! Hop into the role of the iconic characters while you’re running around the board. The rules are the same that you already know, but the locations you’re going to visit and the questionable Chance cards are all themed after your favorite Chemistry teacher turned criminal. Gain a true monopoly over your world and become the ultimate Heisenberg.

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