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Hershey’s 1-Pound Milk Chocolate Bar


Forget flowers — nothing says “You’re special to me” quite like an offering of chocolate. So what exactly does a one-pound chocolate bar say? Well, whatever you darn well want it to!

Creamy, rich milk chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving… at least until you finish off the giant bar! (Rest assured, that’s bound to take a while.) Measuring over 9 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height, this slab of chocolaty greatness is prepared to make all your cocoa-fueled dreams come true. Each package includes a greeting label for the sake of addressing recipients of the delicious treasure, but we promise we won’t judge if it ends up looking something more like this–

To: Me
From: Me

(It can be hard to part with a perfect pound of chocolate, after all!)




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