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Crave Japan Mystery Snack Box


Stray hamster is going global! We are proud to be offering NEW Snack/Candy Boxes from Japan – Ships from USA If you’re ready for a taste adventure, take a culinary ride to the land of the rising sun. Unbox a mix of unique Japanese treats with this exciting mystery crate. Each contains a surprise selection of 30 snacks and drinks for a delicious thrill! Including lots of FULL size & unique items hand selected for you to try. A fun and whimsical trendy gift, this box will have your friends guessing what cool goodies they’ll unveil next. This is a Crave Japan snack box without the hassle of a subscription! Each Crave Japan mystery crate contains 30 pieces of snacks, candy & drink! Deluxe Box measures 9.5 x 13 x 4 and weighs approximately 4 lbs. (that’s a lot of fun stuff!) Other Crave Japan boxes only have 15-18 items and weigh half as much Recommended for ages 5+ & Anyone without Food Allergies (May contain wheat, soy, eggs, nuts, etc.) Products will be similar to the actual photos, but each one is different.

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