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Chucky Child’s Play “Wanna Play” Candy Tin 1oz


It’s everyone’s favorite little doll! He’s so cute and cuddly and totally not scary at all! Okay, I’m definitely not telling the truth with that one because Chucky is terrifying but we still go crazy for him. So this Halloween while you are watching all the Child’s Play movies, make sure to grab some Chucky Sour Cherry Candy Knives.

These little sour candies come in a metal tin with a menacing image of Chucky’s stitched up face front and center. If these candy knives don’t spook you out then not much will, because when it comes to scary movie icons, Chucky is up there. The sour cherry flavor will make your tastebuds extra aware, just like you will be when you hear a mysterious laugh or door slam in the night…