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Candle – “Fuck It” Vintage Paint Can Candle


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Smells like Nope

Light our Fuck It I’m Done Paint Can Candle when you’re just done with it all. Whether it’s a work situation, kids are out of control thing or just everything is all imploding at once… pull out this candle and try to relax. Deep breathes, count to 20 and then realize that you’re done. Smile.

This calming candle comes in a steel paint bucket and holds 12 oz of US premium soy wax. The average burn time is 60 hours. All candles are handmade, so no two are identical.

  • Bergamot, Tobacco & Yuzu scented
  • Steel paint can
  • Premium soy wax
  • I can’t even
  • Made in USA

Steel paint bucket holds 12 oz of US premium soy wax. Bergamot, Tobacco & Yuzu scented. Our Fuck It, I’m Done Paint Can Candle is handmade in the USA.