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Grandpa Joe’s Mystery Fun Box


Since 2012, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop is an experience unlike any other candy store in the world.  When entering our stores, customers never know what crazy products they’ll find on our shelves.  From the largest selection of nostalgic candy to the strangest flavors of oversee imported confections.  Socks, Coffee Mugs, Pacifiers, Chopsticks, Stationary, and Horse Head Squirrel Feeders.  Grandpa Joe’s really is quite the experience.

Now, we proudly present our Mystery Fun Boxes available in-store or on-line!  Discover as much of the excitement of visiting one of our stores as we can fit into our 12” x 9” x 4” Mystery Fun Box!  We offer two varieties, one for all ages and one for 18+, because you know…sometimes we’ve got a dirty sense of humor.

So you’re probably wondering, what’s inside Grandpa Joe’s Mystery Fun Box.  Well, that’s a mystery…you’ll just have to order one to discover for yourself.

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