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Grandpa Joe’s Ketchup Soda – Two Bottles


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To-May-To or To-Mah-To, we don’t care what you call it.  We’re just excited to announce our newest carbinated soda creation, Grandpa Joe’s Ketchup Soda!

It’s never been done before, Grandpa Joe’s created this crisp & refreshing Ketchup Soda.  This isn’t just some gross flavor in a bottle, our imaginative taste testers created a serious craft soda with a unique flavor of Ketchup.

Since opening their first retail store location in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (a rather important town in regards to Ketchup), Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop has grown tremendously throughout Pennsylvania & Ohio.  Enjoy a glance into one of our locations through our website, or make the drive and come visit a Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop near you.

Our Ketchup Soda will quench your thirst and be a great gift for the person who puts Ketchup on everything!

Buy now and you’ll receive 2 bottles of this 12oz Glass Bottled Soda.

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